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"...A floss every day helps keep the dentist away. "

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I studied Dental Hygiene at Toronto College of Dental Hygiene &Auxilliaries.  I’ve always had a passion for helping others and have always appreciated a nice and healthy smile. My best friend, who is a Registered Dental Assistant, recommended Dental Hygiene as a profession, and after shadowing some Hygienists I fell in love with dentistry.

My favourite part about Dental Hygiene is getting to see the improvements in my patients’ oral health and overall health. A floss a day helps keep the dentist away, but make sure you come and see us for your regular cleaning.

The things I love in life include hiking, travel, road trips, painting, cooking, and lounging by my pool. On my list of things to try are sky diving, cross country skiing, and a backpacking trip.

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