A more stable alternative.

For those patients who wish to replace a missing tooth (or several missing teeth), or perhaps those for whom dentures and/or other fixtures (such as temporary bridges) have become problematic, dental implants may be the solution. While allowing patients to smile with renewed confidence, dental implants also improve their ability to chew more comfortably and efficiently.
Additionally, the placement of dental implants prevents bone loss in the jaw and indeed promotes jawbone growth. Dental implants provide a permanent solution as they function entirely as your original teeth do.

At Able Dental in Calgary, the process is as follows:

  1. Our dentists will conduct a comprehensive examination and take digital images (X-rays) to assess the condition of your teeth and gums. A decision will then be made as to whether dental implants are a fitting option for you.
  2. Should the dental-implant procedure be approved, any damaged tooth or teeth present will be removed.
  3. A “root” made of titanium will then be implanted in the jawbone and allowed to heal over several weeks or months.
  4. Finally, a tooth crown will be attached to the titanium dental implant.

It should be noted that maintaining your dental implants will be an important part of managing your oral health, and our dentists at Able Dental will teach you how.
Dental implants are safe and reliable, and they afford patients the pleasure of having teeth that look and feel natural. These implants can improve your quality of life and give you a reason, or many reasons, to smile. Consult with a dentist at Able Dental to discuss dental implants, treatment planning, the costs, as well as maintenance.