Understanding General Dentistry

[Able Dental’s “O.H. principle”: Oral Hygiene supports Overall Health.]

Dentistry, considered both the science as well as the art of managing all aspects of oral health, involves the diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of oral diseases, but Able Dental’s preventative approach to dental health also fosters the preservation of an already-healthy oral cavity, in addition to intervention at the first sign of diseased gum tissue, and comprehensive care with advanced oral disorders. Because oral hygiene is directly linked to overall health, our dentists and dental hygienists at Able Dental on 2nd work to ensure that:

  • the teeth, gums, and jaws are kept healthy.
  • ailments are caught and treated early.
  • advancing or severe conditions are managed swiftly, carefully, and effectively.

At Able Dental on 2nd we provide a broad range of dental services to the residents of Calgary and further afield. These include tooth cleaning and polishing, filling cavities, treating gum disease, performing root canals, and much more. Our dentists are also skilled at restorative therapies and cosmetic procedures for patients who require or desire tooth whitening, crowns (caps for the teeth), tooth implants, dental bridges, or the placement of porcelain veneers on the teeth, among other procedures.

The science of dentistry tells us what is, and what to do. The art is in how it is done. At Able Dental on 2nd, our dentists and hygienists will guide you through the process of addressing the current state of your oral health, and then use their substantial skill to repair major or minor damage while supporting patients with the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums. For all of our staff at Able Dental, quality patient care and patients’ optimal health is the priority.