"...Everyone deserves respect, understanding, and compassion."

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As I child, I was absolutely terrified of dental trips of any kind. When I finished school, I had an interest in Health Care, and my pursuits eventually led me towards a career as a Dental Assistant.  What better way to end my fear of the dental office than to work in the field! As a Dental Assistant, I understood the anxiety around dental visits, and I was able to ease our patients with understanding and compassion. To this day, I feel everyone deserves respect, understanding, and compassion.  I hope every patient feels that, as I will always greet them with a great big smile and HELLO…

I have been in Dentistry for over 35 years. Earlier in my career, I was a Dental Assistant for 28 years with the same dentist. After he retired, I took several years away from dentistry and found myself longing to go back. I came back to a different position…Administration.  I enjoy my role immensely and I am proud to share helpful information with our patients, and at the same time keeping their pocketbooks happy and healthy.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my husband Dan and our three fur babies, Muffin, Buster and Bella.  During the winter months, I enjoy painting and arts & crafts.  In the summer I continue to paint, but add gardening and golfing with family and friends.  Our dreams are to retire to Vancouver Island, where we will add fishing to our list of “daily enjoyments”.

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